Australian City Sees Coldest April Since 1968
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Unusual temperatures in Australia have given Darwin and the so-called Top End the lowest April temperatures that they have experienced in several decades.Rain has cooled everything down even further.

Weather in Darwin dipped to 18 degrees centiigrade, which marks the coldest April temperature the city has experienced.It is uncharacteristic weather for Australia at a time when much of the world is dealing with unseasonal weather.

The last time Darwin recorded a temperature this low was in 1948.

Tuesday evening, the wind chill bridged the gap to 14.6 degrees.The maximum temperature running up to 9 a.m.was 21.9 degrees, which also marks the lowest high temperature Darwin has recorded in its wet season.

The average temperature for Darwin in April during the day is 32.7 degrees.A senior forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology, Craig Earl-Spurr, connected the cold weather to the low pressure system coming off the NT coast.He said it was initially a concern believed to develop into a tropical cyclone.

"The south-easterlies on the southern side of the low were still bringing in quite a bit of dry air near the surface but we had rain coming in from higher up, which kind of worked like an evaporative air-conditioner where the rain coming into the drier air cools that air," said Earl-Spurr.

"We only need about 35-odd millimeters more after the rain overnight to move into second place on the record list," Earl-Spurr commented regarding Darwin's approach toward the second-wettest wet season on record.

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