Texas Board of Education Challenges Evolutionary Science
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This week, the final vote will be taken in Texas's Board of Education on whether or not to change language in biology curriculum standards requiring students to challenge evolution.

The standards for high school biology and regulations on how to teach students the theory of evolution come to a head this week.Much of the debate has boiled down to the use of the word evaluate.

A preliminary vote was taken in February, and the vote was in favor of modifying curriculum standards and keeping language that requires students to challenge evolutionary science.

Barbara Cargill, a Republican board member, spearheaded the fight to protect controversial language.She said requiring students to "evaluate" biological processes is requisite for proper instruction in biology.

Opponents say the term "evaluate" casts doubt on factual information being taught in the classroom so that teachers can supplant it with creationism.

The board is prepared to debate the issue on Tuesday and proceed with another vote on Wednesday regarding whether or not to modify the standards.

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