Tory Voters Want Same Regulations Post-Brexit
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A conservative think-tank says voters are in favor of protecting laws regulating beach standards and renewable energy production.Tory voters want the environmental regulations to be sustained after Brexit.

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Large portions of the Conservative voter base want the environmental regulations that the E.U.imposed to remain in place in the U.K.despite Brexit, according to a poll conducted for Bright Blue, a Tory think-tank.These regulations represent superior protection for the environment and for indigenous ecosystems.

The survey found substantial support for the standing legislation from the E.U., but a portion of Conservatives, among whom is former environment secretary Owen Patterson, argue that Brexit presents an opportunity for Britain to reevaluate.

Populus conducted the polling and found that Conservative voters primarily aim to keep not only the protections that are uncontroversial like beach standards but also like E.U.renewable energy production targets and fishing quotas.

Majority support is thrown behind onshore wind farms, and the survey shows as many as two-thirds of pro-leave Tory voters are proud of the U.K.'s role in leading the world on the environmental protection front.

Rebecca Pow, Conservative MP for Taunton Deane, works with Bright Blue.She said, "I have found huge support among Conservatives from old to young for protecting our precious environment. In this Brexit world we should adopt wholesale the current E.U.environment legislation relating to areas including water, wildlife, habitats, beaches and climate change and tailor it to our particular needs, as time goes on."

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