Greens Call Tory Manifesto a Car Crash for the Environment
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The election manifesto presented by Britain's Conservative Party is described by the Green Party as a disaster for environmental protection efforts.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas warned that the manifesto's policies on environmental protection amount to little more than "an absolute car crash for the environment," yet the document itself boasts that Conservatives intend to make the U.K. a world leader in environmental protection efforts.

In fact, the manifesto directly espouses the Tory vow to "leave the environment in better condition than we inherited it."

It extols Britain's position as the first nation in the world to pass an initiative like the Climate Change Act despite the reality that the bill became law under the most recent Labour Government in 2008.

Lucas censured the policies in the document and said that under a Conservative government the U.K.would inevitably fall short of its commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions based on targets set for the 2020s and 2030s.

"This Conservative agenda represents an absolute car crash for the environment, and makes an entirely vacuous contribution to the major environmental challenges of our time," Lucas said.

"With the U.K.'s climate targets slipping further out of reach and biodiversity in free fall, it appears Theresa May has decided to bury her head in the sand."

Continued Lucas: "There is one paltry mention of the air pollution crisis, and no mention of the jaw-dropping cost reductions in renewable energy.

Fracking will be forced on local communities, whilst the dirty and expensive energy of the past will continue to receive lavish public hand-outs.The cheapest and cleanest energy once again loses out."

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