Targeting Corbyn: The National Security Front
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Jeremy Corbyn has not always been taken seriously in British politics.His current run for prime minister under the Labour Party banner has unearthed implications of anti-British sentiment that people are taking quite seriously.

Much of what has been said about Corbyn characterizes him as not just soft on terror, as Tory Chairman Patrick McLaughlin has said, but a supporter of terrorism as well as anti-British.

Critics point out broad concerns for national security in the event that Corbyn reaches No. 10 Downing Street.

Corbyn's long public support of the Provisional IRA have hurt his campaign at a time when Britons are tense most keenly about national security and the threat of terrorism.

Recent exposure of Corbyn's so-called show of solidarity with the IRA and its bloody crusade against Britain, including Brighton bomber Patrick Magee, fuels voters' ire.

A Labour supporter recently spoke openly about having been arrested with Corbyn while protesting South African apartheid, and critics point to the arrest itself as evidence of criminality.

Labour supporters contend that being arrested for protesting institutionalized segregation on the basis of race is more an indicator of virtue than of criminality.

They characterize Corbyn's support to the IRA as "part of the search for a settlement in Northern Ireland," as Leo McKinstry describes it.

National security is paramount today, however, and Britons are constantly made aware of it as the European Union, comprised of the U.K.'s neighbors and allies, is fraught with terror attacks and prevention strategies.

Local law enforcement in the to strengthen itself and shore up methods and assets to defend against acts of terrorism.

Regardless of who becomes the next Labour Prime Minister, it is worth noting that counterterrorism efforts in the U.K.are among the most secure in Europe and the world, with new new funding proposals for significant increases to law enforcement numbers and superior firepower.

Corbyn has been pigeon-holed into a debate on whether he'll ruin these developments or not ruin them, as opposed to a third option of improving national security.

Either way, in order to continue prodding the wound, Tories may have constructed a glass house for themselves in the event that the election favors them and they are faced with accomplishing what Corbyn allegedly cannot do on the national security front.

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