Manchester United Reacts to Suicide Bombing
등록일 2019년 01월 07일 목요일
수정일 2017년 05월 25일 목요일

Various venues and sporting events in England are reviewing security protocols and personnel from stem to stern after 22 people died in a suicide bombing at Manchester Arena.

The Great City Games is still set to be held in Manchester Friday as a free and open event for the public.

Organizers maintain that the event will not be cancelled or postponed, but a decision regarding whether or not the same can be said of Sunday's Great Manchester Run "is expected in the next 24 hours."

The FA Cup final, PGA Championship and EFL playoffs are all scheduled for this week as well.An eight-year-old girl was one of many killed in the suicide bombing at the end of the American singer Ariana Grande's concert Monday at Manchester Arena.

Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the U.K.terror threat level was raised to "critical," which marks the highest level and means further attacks are anticipated.

A news conference scheduled by Manchester United for Tuesday was cancelled, due to hold their Europa League final in Stockholm against Ajax on Wednesday.During the match, they will wear black armbands.

The players took a moment of silence on Tuesday at training.The club also closed its megastore, café, museum, and stadium tours to the public.

The club made a statement saying, "Our thoughts are with the victims and their families at this terribly difficult time."

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