U.S. on Edge after Manchester Bombing
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Security evacuated LaGuardia, a major New York airport and partially closed it down after a man simply circumnavigated a U.S.Homeland Security checkpoint without undergoing the screening process.

With security tightening to the highest degree in the U.K.following the suicide bombing of an Ariana Grande concert, security in the U.S.takes any minor infraction or security loophole seriously.Criticism of security at the Manchester Arena having been allegedly lax despite already elevated police presence throughout the country present a commentary on U.S.cautions.

U.S.officials confirmed after the fact that a man had simply left the security checkpoint moments after entering.They said normal operations resumed after the matter was resolved, and the airport's functions continued without further incident once the airport was reopened.Passengers were permitted to reenter the airport.

A surveillance camera caught sight of the man walking past security at the airport, but it remains unclear to the public how he was able to breach the checkpoint at all.Security reacted posthaste and took the matter very seriously in light of the ever present threat of terrorism, especially following the attack in the U.K., perceived as close to home by many Americans.

Passengers were obligated to resubmit themselves to security checks at the instruction of Homeland Security, and passengers on social media reported that terminal C was empty while checkpoints were a "zoo" due to re-checks.

The man responsible is still sought by police, seen on the security video wearing a hoody.

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