Global Warming Turning Antarctica Green
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The findings of a new study reveal that the effects of global warming are ostensible in Antarctica where the rise in temperatures is causing more greenery to grow.

The study was published Thursday in Current Biology, stating, "We identified significant changepoints in all sites and proxies suggesting fundamental and widespread changes in the terrestrial biosphere." This revelation of changes in the Antarctic comes on the heels of similar observations reported from the Arctic also referenced within the same study.

Changes in Antarctica pertain, in part, to moss levels, which the study tracked via carbon analysis showing that major changes started following 1950.They also expect the proliferation of Antarctic greenery to continue since temperatures keep rising.

According to the study's results, the predominant ecosystems in Antarctica threaten to "alter rapidly under future warming, leading to major changes in the biology and landscape of this iconic region."

These findings not only coincide with similar observations being made in the Arctic but also with the clear and present dangers predicted apropos of the expansion of oceans around the world.This expansion threatens to significantly increase flood incidence in many regions of the world within the next ten years.

Large bodies of water are expanding due to steady rise in temperatures, which causes them to encroach on major landmasses, and as this new study reveals, the same rise in temperatures is altering the very landscape of the Earth's extremities.

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