Global Warming Increases Flood Risks Worldwide
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The sea level's marginal yet unyielding rise is expected to double the rate of extreme water levels and the global risk of flooding.All flood risk ratios are affected according to scientists.

Rises in sea level are always small but they are incessant and unstoppable.Scientists say that they will double the rate of severe coastal flooding for nearly every part of the world.This augurs poorly for coastal cities.

The research behind these assessments accounts for storm surges that can push slowly rising sea levels over coastal barriers.

It also looks at large waves that contribute.The effects will be noticeable first, according to researchers, in areas of lower latitudes, so those on the African and South American continents as well as southeast Asia will be first to see indicators and be affected by the rise.

The U.S.and Europe's Atlantic coast are expected to follow in short order.

Brazil and Ivory Coast have been singled out as the most vulnerable locales.Certain islands in the Pacific are also presumed to be in comparable jeopardy.Each of these locations are likely to experience the flooding effects in the next ten years according to Sean Vitousek's research.

Sean Vitousek teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and he said, "It is pretty much inevitable that we are going to see increased frequency of extreme water levels—there is no way around this."

Vitousek's research attributes these sea level rises and the future effects to climate change, which is directly responsible for a rise of about four millimeters per year.

Much of this is due to climate change melting ice caps and warming oceans such that they expand.The carbon dioxide being constantly emitted into the atmosphere perpetuates this problem.

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