The Impending Phenomenon of Thundersnow
등록일 2019년 01월 07일 화요일
수정일 2017년 01월 10일 화요일

Some are newly familiar with Thundersnow, especially in Britain where as much as 20 cm (eight inches) of snowfall is en route to be followed by the thundersnow phenomenon.

Thunderstorms are typically associated with warmer months during the summer, but there exists the potential for their manifestation in the winter.Obviously, when such storms occur in the winter, the effects are appropriately colder though somewhat striking for observers given that they are not a common occurrence.

Grahame Madge, a spokesperson for the Met Office, remarked on the phenomenon of thundersnow: "The principle is the same as a summer storm, only instead of rain, the precipitation will take the form of snow due to the low temperatures."

Temperatures are expected to descend to a high of 5ºC, and an accompanying wind chill is anticipated, which should make it feel more like 0ºC.Storms with thunder and lightning are also being predicted, and in tandem with the snowfall, these predictions have made a buzzword out of the expected "thundersnow."

Arctic blasts waft in from Canada with considerable force and push through the U.K., which is what is expected to happen late in the week.The cold air is expected to mix with the warmer air on land.The Canadian gusts will come from the northwest, and the cold air will pick up moisture along the way as it crosses the ocean.Northern Ireland, Scotland, and parts of Wales will take the brunt of the winds and thundersnow as a result.

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