"Weather Extremes Hike U.K. Produce Prices"
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In Spain and Italy, as well as throughout Europe, vegetable prices are skyrocketing due to abnormally bad weather.U.K.suppliers struggle to source produce.

British suppliers not only struggle with sourcing produce but also with escalating prices in Italy and Spain where British exports are only that much more expensive due to the weakened state of the pound since Brexit.They're also coping with considerable produce shortages for the coming weeks.

As a result, suppliers and consumers in Spain, Italy and the U.K.are struggling in search of squash, spinach, leafy salad, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, courgettes, aubergines and many other crops.Europe as a whole is suffering collectively to compensate for shortages.

La Manga, Murcia has seen inordinate snowfall as of late, and other Spanish growing regions have been afflicted with heavy rainfall.Courgettes are being frozen in the ground in the Almeria region as well.

A miscellany of vegetable crops in southern Spain has been beaten and damaged by all manner of storms since prior to Christmas, and the snow falling now is only exacerbating the problem.Diminished sunlight and freezing temperatures are also making it nearly impossible to harvest crops.

Ricky Benn, sales director at JEM Fruits U.K., said the company is reaching out for help from South Africa, Greece, and Poland.

Benn: "We spoke to contacts in Spain earlier today and they basically can't get anything out.The situation has gone from bad to worse.The heads of broccoli and cauliflower are not making the right sizes and unfortunately we have to go elsewhere—we're looking at sourcing from Poland, but they have bad weather there as well."

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