Environmentalists Get Ready to Combat Trump
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As activists get ready to engage the Trump Administration on several fronts in the U.S., Donald Trump faces what is likely to be unprecedented opposition from American environmental groups.

President Barack Obama, Trump's predecessor, butted heads with environmentalists over the Dakota Access and Keystone oil pipelines, which Obama did eventually block as they hoped he would.

This is nothing compared to the broad miscellany of issues environmentalists will likely throw Trump's way.The President-Elect will probably contend with environmentalists on, at the very least, climate change, fracking, and water security.

Trump declared he would approve the oil pipelines "very quickly" to complete the Dakota Access project.Native Americans have protested against this vehemently for months and have been successful in getting the federal government to hold off on pursuing the project under the previous administration.

Trump also vowed to obviate "roadblocks" to gas, oil, and coal developments, and he strongly suggested he would stop clean energy and climate spending.Critics like former Vice President Al Gore have already condemned his agenda, predicting a "huge upsurge" of environmental activism in response to Trump's plans.

One of the primary concerns among environmentalists is the Paris Accord to which the Obama Administration bound the U.S.with environmental commitments to be met by way of efforts orchestrated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other bureaus and organizations.

Trump has already jeopardized this with plans to appoint Scott Pruitt as EPA director, remove the U.S.from the Paris climate deal, and cut science funding.

Courtesy of Paul Arnold, Wikimedia Commons

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