Information Security Thrives Under WannaCry
등록일 2019년 01월 07일 목요일
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The cyber security industry is surging in response to the nigh-omnipresent threat of WannaCry, malicious so-called ransomware infecting computers worldwide.

The most measurable responses are from authorities and Wall Street.

IT professionals in about 100 countries are suffering the kinds of problems that make cyber security more valuable than ever, so investors have raised share prices, which can be seen apropos of a myriad of information technology and cyber security firms.

Before WannaCry overtook Europe with unbridled quickness, the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security fund, listed on exchanges as HACK, climbed three points.

For context, the S&P 500 increased 0.2 percent in the same duration.

In the same span of time, 34 of HACK's 39 equities holdings, including Sophos, FireEye, and Barracuda Networks, have all flourished to the tune of at least eight percent increases.

On Monday, in fact, HACK traded more shares than any other day since August 2015, and their thriving coincided with breaking stories expounding on the breadth of the international, cyber threat.

The stock market's dramatic reactions typify recent years as investing trends have leaned toward tackling crises at full force.

Those investors are now capitalizing on how they anticipate corporate executives reacting: contracting the services of data security experts to embank their own networks and stave off the WannaCry worm.

WannaCry has proven perilous for individual users, institutions, and governments.It toppled a large part of British healthcare infrastructure and impinged significantly on shipping when it hit FedEx.

Despite these unfortunate incidents, Ken Talanian, an Everscore ISI analyst, calls it a "positive catalyst" for cyber security.

"It is still a big question whether you see it move the needle."

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