Cyber-security Advocates Extol Trump's Executive Order
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U.S.President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday mandating that the heads of federal agencies be held accountable for the security of their respective networks.

Firms that develop security products and market information security as a service are excited about the prospects of this new policy.The order also charges both public and private sectors with reducing threats of automated, cyber-attacks.

Trump signing an executive order

The cyber-security executive order was initially delayed, but upon going into effect, its objective is to reinforce government information security and protecting vital, national infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

It finally establishes the Trump Administration's infosec policy, and quite dissimilar from the majority of Trump's executive orders, this policy is virtually devoid of controversy.

Some acknowledge that the order mostly furthers security measures President Barack Obama already began to install.

Public sector Vice President of Splunk Kevin Davis commented, "Improving cybersecurity is one of the few items both sides of the aisle can reach across and agree on, and today's executive order is a good, bipartisan step to better protect our government's networks and critical infrastructure."

"Hackers' preferred attack methods against the public and private sector change daily, and Trump's executive order is a good reflection of the need for adaptability in today's threatscape.And as methods of cyber crime continue to evolve, it will be important to government agencies to rely on data analysis, to quantify the risk so they can adapt appropriately."

Pundits debate whether the order will prompt reconsiderations about federal security strategies regarding information technology.

Davis remarked that the order is quite different from the original draft first circulated by the Trump Administration immediately following the inauguration.The draft, he said, gave the Defense Department the biggest role in security strategies.

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