World's First Prison With Anti-drone Airspace
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A British prison is creating meaningful implications for military defense with its security measures against drones flying over prison yards to deliver contraband.

Les Nicolles prison on Guernsey is the first prison in the world to employ state-of-the-art technology as a means to secure its perimeter and stop drone infiltration.Two UK firms, Eclipse Digital Solutions and Drone Defence, specialize in the technological development, and they've jointly engineered what they call Sky Fence.

Sky Fence is a new system being installed at the Channel Island jail.Les Nicolles originally intended to invest in a drone detection system, but Sky Fence takes the defenses the prison needed a step further.The project installs an invisible shield around and above the prison like a transparent dome.This shield is generated by a collection of 20 so-called "disruptors," and it blocks the frequencies of drones.

An active drone

Drones flying into Sky Fence lose control protocols when their frequencies are blocked because the drones' computers are scrambled.The drone operator will lose the visual feed to the drone.The shield accomplishes this and then deflects the aircraft, bouncing them back in the direction from whence they came.

Britain's prisons have struggled as of late with the incessant infiltration of drones.These remote-controlled devices are used to smuggle phones, drugs, weapons and a miscellany of other valuables into prison as a means to circumvent conventional security.Les Nicolles is the first prison in the world to use such technology to essentially fence in its own airspace and create a low-altitude no-fly zone.Drones are neither damaged nor hacked when deflected, so they do not drop and create the risk of landing on anyone.

Prisoner governor David Matthews remarked, "I would like to see it adopted in other U.K.prisons." Richard Gill, founder and CEO of Drone Defence, said: "It disrupts the control network between the flyer and the drone.The drone then activates return-to-home mode, and it will then fly back to the position where it had a signal with its flyer."

This upgrade to Les Nicolles security includes new alarms, cameras, and a lighting system.All told, the cost reaches £1.7 million.

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