British Police Beef Up for Terrorism
등록일 2019년 01월 07일 목요일
수정일 2017년 05월 18일 목요일

Well-armed, British police

Over the next five years, Britain is spending £114 million to fund 1,000 extra police officers in an attempt to upgrade armed police in response to terror attacks.

The rethinking and retooling in terms of methods and strategies for dealing with various types of terrorist attacks.A prevalent question on the minds of many officials and civilians is how well this funding to bolster police response will do to accomplish the end game.

In particular, Britain is gearing up for worst-case scenarios like that of November 2008 in Mumbai, India.A group of 10 heavily armed Pakistani jihadists executed an extensive onslaught.They massacred 164 people in the process.

Law enforcement institutions and counter-terror specialists in countries all over the world especially in Europe are presently appraising their capabilities to contend with similar threats in light of the formidable law enforcement and state security of India.

Britain is reaching a point where some feel that law enforcement needs greater capacity to handle such attacks and one of the most fundamental problems to address is that, in the event of an attack parallel to that in India, responders would likely be too outgunned to remedy the crisis without military assistance, no doubt at a delay.

Even in the best of circumstances within that scenario, terrorists would wreak too much havoc and cause too much damage during the time gap before sufficient reinforcement could mount a counterstrike that could actually suppress and quell the terrorist acts.

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