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Three years after Anna Hutt lost her son, Payton to a dirt bike crash, she met the recipient of his heart's donation and shed uncontrollable tears.

The 16 year old Payton had checked the organ donor box while applying for a learner's permit at the Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles, and his decision had initially raised a concern with his mother.

"What you come into this world with you should leave with." she had said to him but he had refuted her belief. "'Mom, they're my organs, not yours.Are you telling me that if something happens to me you'd let my organs rot in the ground?"

His decision has since gone on to save the lives of seven people.

64 year old Gary Flint, is the recipient of Payton's heart, and first got in contact with his mother for the first time when he received her dead son's heart three years earlier.They have since kept communicating through phone calls and letters, until finally, mother's day presented her the chance to hear the beating sound of her dead son's heart within Flint's chest.

Gary Flint, ever so grateful for the second chance at life that the heart has awarded him, even when a step further to place a recording of the beating heart has gift to Payton's mother in a stuffed bear.

"Patyon's gift has allowed me to see my grandson be born, and then my granddaughter," he said, "and it is a miracle to be able to give life again."

Flint was diagnosed with nonischemic cardiomyopathy, an enlargement of the heart that can be caused by several factors, including high blood pressure, a virus or genetics, and it was in the same month that Payton died that his condition deteriorated.

With only four percent of his heart still functioning, and a transplant still absent he had resigned himself to death before the news that he had found a match in the heart of Payton.The teenage boy had sadly lost his life while riding his dirt bike and colliding with a van.He wasn't wearing a helmet, and sustained severe head trauma which ultimately took his life.

Payton's mother expressed her gladness at Flint's refusal of her dead son's heart. "I couldn't think of a better man for the heart," she said. "I want him to live.I want him to smile, and I want him to be happy."

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