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This week, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 19 suspected cases of Ebola were suspect and confirmed.

Thus far, three people are reported to have lost their lives from the deadly disease despite this however, the Republic is recording commendable successes in containing the disease.

The World Health Organization is currently in talks on whether to apply newly developed vaccines developed by Merck in containing the outbreak in Congo.

The GAVI global vaccine alliance has announced that 300,000 emergency doses of Ebola vaccine could be made available in the case of a large scale outbreak, but their response is yet to be determined by the WHO whose green light is required before before they are able to take a step forward in determining if the deployment of this vaccine is warranted.

WHO is currently working with specialist in conducting an epidemiological investigation in order to ascertain the current extent of the Ebola outbreak, so as to quickly establish those who had become prone to infection by the disease.

A WHO spokesman addd that if possible/needed, 'Ring vaccination' could be employed in containing the outbreak, which involves tracing everyone that has been in contact with the suspected victims and immediately offering them vaccination.

This approach proved to be a success when previously tested out in Guinea, reporting a one hundred percent protection in those vaccinated immediately.

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