New Apple Gear: Respect the Book
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This is no slow year for Apple as they prepare to roll out more than just the iPhone redesign.They are now preparing to update their laptop series, too.

A 2016 sneak-peek pic of new MacBook series models.

Sources close to Apple's ongoing projects say that the tech giant is ready to release three new laptops in San Jose come June at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference.

Bloomberg reported that sources say the MacBook Pro is expected to come with a speedier Kaby Lake processor from Intel, and the 12-inch MacBook is said to be gaining a faster Intel chip.The MacBook Air will also receive a new processor.

The significance of this for Apple, the world's largest information technology company by revenue, is that "the Book" accounts for as much as 11 percent of their $216 billion (£167.02 billion) in annual revenue.

These laptops have exceeded expectations year after year with the strength of their market presence.Now, the multinational tech house wants to enhance them further.

It so happens, of course, that Microsoft released its own latest laptop this month.The new MacBooks are considered by some to be a retaliation.Microsoft's Surface Laptop comes with touch screen, a 14.5-hour battery, and high-speed booting.

According to Bloomberg, anonymous sources said Apple would unveil the new models on June 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Their trademark iOS is projected to be every Apple fan's dream on the new Kaby Lake processor from Intel Corp, and at the end of the day, that's what keeps Apple fans too loyal to switch brands for anything kin to boot-up speed.

It almost seems disrespectful for Apple to shut down Microsoft's laptop game so thoroughly as if to say, "respect the book."

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