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Travis Scot recently held a concert in Arkansas, but it all culminated in an unfortunate ending when he was arrested and taken away by the cops on the charge of inciting a riot.

"Travis encouraged people to rush the stage at his show, bypassing security protocols in the process." says Rogers PD.This led to the injuries of several people including a security guard and a cop.

However, a source close to Travis tells TMZ that "Travis saw available space in the general admission towards the front, so he invited seated guests in the back to come forward.He had no intention of putting anyone in danger."

The artist, however, seems to have quite the record of inciting his fans to get 'super turnt'.He got busted for this same debacle at Lollapalooza in Chicago a couple of years ago, and more recently in New York City for encouraging fans to jump from balconies.

Kylie Jenner, his famous, reality star girlfriend did not appear to have been present at the concert with him last night.

Law enforcement sources have stated that he was booked for "inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct." He has since been released without bail around 11:30 PM.He will have to return to Arkansas for a court date.

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