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"Tyga and Chyna are talking a lot right now," a source tells HollywoodLife.com, "they've become much closer since he split from Kylie."

Could this however just be a convenient act to make Kylie jealous?Tyga has recorded a diss track about his former romance with the reality star and keeps hating on Kylie Jenner's new boyfriend, Travis Scott, so perhaps he is not yet fully over her.

Blac Chyna is said to still have her guard up regarding the rapper's effort in getting on her sweet side.He is finally stepping up to the plate in providing for their son together after being behind on child support payments for a while.

"Chyna was furious at him for a while because she felt he wasn't pulling his weight as a dad." the source says.He, however, seems to be sincere and putting in the required effort to mend bridges.

His public display of affection all over social media towards his ex by liking her 'sexy Instagram photos' has also not gone unnoticed.Hope the two are able to work out their differences for the good of their child.

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