World War II Bomb, Aston Expressway
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Aston Expressway

A literal bombshell, vestigial from World War II, was found near the Aston Expressway; thereafter, 30 hours of perturbing spectacle ensued until the shell was detonated safely.

Bomb disposal experts were left with few options other than to conduct a controlled explosion Monday, May 15, 2017, around 3:35 p.m.Soldiers endeavored overnight and all day Tuesday to secure the area, and the resultant explosion left a massive crater in the earth.

The bomb was discovered in Priory Road, Aston, so soldiers brought 250 tons of sand to the bomb site and used it to construct a makeshift bunker of sorts to shield against shrapnel and blast force.

The official twitter accounts of several agencies were active after the completion of the operation.The Force Support Unit account tweeted pictures of the blast site, commented on the aftermath of the explosion, and thanked other agencies for their cooperation.

The official Twitter account for West Midlands Alerts also tweeted pictures of the site before and after the explosion.

Many people report having felt the thunderous resonance of the blast from as far as six miles away.

An Army spokesman remarked that this bomb was among the largest bombs ever found on British soil, weighing 550 lbs.

Others commented on Twitter about hearing and feeling the bomb from Birmingham, Boldmere, and Wylde Green.

The explosion left the odor of cordite in the air and sent a billow of smoke towering over the area.

Homes and businesses were evacuated, and junctions 4 and 7 of M6 were shut down during the controlled detonation, yet drivers at a roundabout near M6 climbed out of their cars in startled bewilderment after the explosion.

Evacuees totaled approximately 200 people, and as many as 80 residents stayed overnight at Alexander Stadium near Great Barr.

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