The Next Move for Smartphone Accessories
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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ and especially their users are now benefitting from the devices being supplemented by Mophie's new Galaxy battery, which has just become available.

Battery is a legitimately marketed feature for flagship smartphones, but it is typically understated.Most companies market phones on the basis of how thin they are, how large the display is, how much memory they carry or general functionality.

Battery life is not where consumers focus the majority of their attention, so there is less investment on the parts of these corporations in engineering more powerful batteries.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are actually perfect examples of this, but Mophie just launched new battery pack cases for the Series 8, claiming it boasts of 2,950mAh extra for the S8 and 3,300mAh battery for the S8+.

These figures are encouraging, but even they are of little comparison to the battery pack that Samsung itself recently launched.Samsung's new battery case charges up to 5,100mAh.

Investment in battery pack cases is safe on the parts of developers like Mophie and Samsung because they are portable, which has the ostensible potential to become a necessity in tomorrow's smartphone market.

Many consumers already find alternative ways to avoid tethering themselves to a wall or computer with a charging cable.

The most convincing indicator of battery pack cases being the next step in smartphone evolution is actually the price.These battery cases are being costed at $100 (77.30£) each.

Nevertheless, many consumers are still expected to flock to these cases because of their convenience but also because they are Qi compatible, allowing them to benefit from wireless charging.

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