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Barely a year has gone by since the hit TV show, American Idol, ended its initial run by announcing and concluding its final season.The TV show, however, has already begun executing plans for a comeback.

There will be major changes to the show in its new return and we have all the latest updates on it.The reason why the show was brought to an end last year was due to its excessive cost, therefore the producers are taking steps to ensure that its expenses are kept at a minimal this time around.

This means that big name judges and singers may no longer be filling up all of the seats on the judges' panel, as their contracts usually demand significant chunks of money.They might, therefore, take a similar approach to the one formerly used by the show which listed Paula Abdul, a famous host and other, then unknown music industry insiders, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

A second major change is that the show will no longer be airing on Fox network as its initial run, but will now be airing on ABC network.It is slated for a march release, right after the Academy awards as a means to promote the show, and will be airing weekly on Sundays, and Mondays.

Ryan Seacrest may once again be handed over the ball to host the show however, Simon Cowell will definitely not be returning as he already has an active contract with 'America's Got Talent' also airing on NBC.

Kelly Clarkson who won the first season of American Idol was also considered as coming on as one of the judges, but she decided to go with a job with NBC's rival 'The Voice'.

Some older judges may be making an appearance as they expressed their interest in returning. "Steven Tyler wants to reunite with Randy Jackson and JLo, while both Harry Connick Jr.and Paula Abdul have said they're open to a return to the series."

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