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The Glucosamine Effect: A Good Medicine for the Joints
2018-03-20 00:00:00
Carissa Marie

Glucosamine is a supplement that is essential for building cartilage to help improve problems in the joints. There are different variants of glucosamine supplements such as glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, and N-acetyl-glucosamine which produces different effects. Meanwhile, glucosamine may also be combined with chondroitin sulfate and shark cartilage to boost the joint-repairing abilities of glucosamine.

Where to get glucosamine

Glucosamine is widely available in drug stores. However, make sure that you go to a reputable seller as there are glucosamine supplements that do not include the ingredients listed in their label or which may have a different variant of glucosamine as the one you are intending to use.

The effects of shark cartilage on the joints

Shark cartilage is more popularly used to treat cancer and people with HIV infection. But according to WebMD, shark cartilage may also be used for arthritis, psoriasis, retinal damage, and enteritis.

It can be applied topically or can be combined with glucosamine as a dietary supplement.

Good food for knee joints

When it comes to joint pains, having a proper diet can help reduce discomfort and boost the body’s abilities to repair damages in the joint. Among the best good food for knee joints include foods that are high in omega-3 and vitamin D such as salmon, mackerel, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.

Meanwhile, you should avoid foods that produce inflammation which contributes to joint pains such as fried foods, sugar, alcohol, soda, and food with trans-saturated fats.

A good medicine for the joints

According to, aside from glucosamine and shark cartilages, one of the most popular supplements for joint pains include Astaxanthin supplements. This natural remedy is filled with natural sources of antioxidants which helps reduce inflammation in the joints. To maximize its effect, make sure that you pair it with foods which are good for joint pains.

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