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Trump's Twitter Storm Could be a Result of Stressful Life
2019-01-07 15:59:07
Oliver Smith

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In the last 48 hours, US President Donald Trump created a Twitter storm.He commented on a number of hot issues, ranging from defeatedDemocratic rival Hillary Clinton, embattled Attorney General Jeff Session, transgenders in the military, and the repeal of Obamacare.His tweets thepast few weeks, particularly the comment on MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski's alleged botched facelift, were seen by many Americans as so unpresidential.

His stressful job as president of the US and the ongoing investigation on Russian collusion, plus the real estate billionaire's lack of exercise, weightissues, and insufficient sleep likely contribute to his crankiness -- in addition to a character flaw -- which have an impact on his judgment.His behaviorindicate symptoms of sleep deprivation, according to neurologists, USA Today reported. 

Impact of sleep deprivation

Health experts recommend at least eight hours of sleep daily.Recent studies linked a good night's sleep with the prevention of work-related stresseating.Two studies conducted separately by researchers from the Michigan State University(MSU) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign analyzed 235 Chinese workers. 

The focus of one study was on 125 IT employees and the other on 110 call center agents.The MSU study found a link between stress during theworkday and unhealthy eating at night.To protect the workers against the unhealthy habit, the research recommended a good night's sleep, Safetyand Health Magazine reported.The worker is replenished after a good night's sleep.This makes the employee feel vigorous, empowered to deal withwork-related stress, and less vulnerability to unhealthy eating, Chu-Hsiang Chan, the co-author of the study and MSU associate professor ofpsychology, said.

The study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, is a pioneer in establishing a connection among sleep, eating habits, and psychologicalexperiences at work.  The findings of "Eating Your Feelings?Testing a Model of Employees' Work-Related Stressors, Sleep Quality, and Unhealthy Eating"can help workers have a better understanding of the effect of their jobs on their health and steps they can take to improve their health, JaclynKoopman,  an assistant professor of management at the Raymond J.Harbert College of Business in Auburn University, said. 

Results of the two research are considered vital to today's corporate setting since "most, if not all, working adults experience the challenge ofmanaging work demands and finding the energy and willpower to follow a healthy lifestyle," Koopman said.For the customer service representativeswho regularly deal with rude or angry customers, their coping mechanism was to overeat at night.But if they enjoyed quality sleep at night, thenegative impact of customer abuse was weakened, the study found, reported.

Unhealthy choices of employee perks

Koopman noted that some companies offer perks to its employees to help them cope with the stress of their jobs.However, complimentary food areoften considered unhealthy, such as sugar-laden doughnuts and candies, or chips that are high in salt which could trigger hypertension.The impact ofproviding these unhealthy choices to employees is exposing the staff over the long term to higher risks of ailments associated with weight gain such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and kidney problems. 

Because of the high cost of perks offered by big companies to its workers to relieve them of stress and help them become healthier -- such as gamerooms, sleeping quarters, gym membership, and group fitness sessions -- the Auburn study recommended meaningful options that wouldnot burden the company financially.Among the study's recommendations are to begin health and wellness programs that would help employeesbecome aware of healthy eating and the effect of stress on their eating behaviors.Koopman also suggested flexible work schedules wherein employeescould begin later and institutionalizing siestas or midday naps.

Risk of an early death

In 2015, Anupam Jena, a health care policy professor at the Harvard Medical School, conducted a similar study to what the Auburn University andUniversity of Illinois research did on the impact of these stressors.However, the study concentrated on its impact on mortality rates of politicians.Jena discovered the life expectancy of the winner of an election was reduced by 2.7 years compared to his or her political rival who lost in the polls,  the Chicago Sun Times reported.

If we go by Jena's findings, the life expectancy of the 71-year-old Trump could be shorter by almost three years than 69-year-old Hillary Clinton.Putin another way, Trump has higher chances of dying ahead of Clinton by 2.7 years. 

Because of stress the president goes through -- considering that the Russian investigation had included his son Donald Jr.and son-in-law JaredKushner -- Trump has high cholesterol but is taking medication.The only exercise he gets is playing golf, but he even rides the golf cart on the greens,and he loves fast food.Trump is also known for tweeting at 3 a.m.after watching a lot of TV shows, which means he is sleep-deprived.

William Winter, a neurologist and the author of "The Sleep Solution," said the president's lack of sleep could create problems given his weightproblem.Since being deprived of sleep suppresses leptin, a chemical, it makes Trump feel full, which, in turn, will make him eat more to feel full. 

Not everyone around the president shared Winter's concern about Trump's health.Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, said he thinks thebillionaire is having the time of his life.However, discounting the opinion of politicians who may have ulterior motives in making such sillyutterances, an email by the American Psychoanalysis Association to its 3,500 members should be a clue on the impact of stress on the 45th presidentof the US.

The Association lifted its long-time ban on members commenting on the mental health of a public official and just allowed its members to analyze themental health of Trump.

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