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Un-Healthy Foods Lurking Inside Your Fridge
2019-01-07 15:57:04
Michael Fox

[메디컬리포트=Michael Fox 기자] Trash these 10 foods now.  Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars, just throw them out, and eat these instead.

In the meantime, you will cut back on ingesting harmful chemicals waiting for you inside your refrigerator. 

Food processing and packaging, along with industrial farming methods, which are ever-increasing in today’s market, are responsible for the most part in bringing us a food supply full of contamination and many times it comes in the most unsuspected of foods or condiments. 

The Top Ten

Number 1-Mustard

Contains food dyes, chemicals enabling texture manipulation and preserves.

Warnings include-ADHD, digestion problems, and cancer.

How to get around this-Read labels, shop at health food stores, pick up the phone and call companies or check online if possible.  Also, don’t eat processed food.

Number 2-Bottled and Unfiltered Water and Drinks

Water should only be stored in stainless steel or glass containers since it is solvent.

Chemicals included-BPAs, #1 Polyethylene terephthalate, PET or PETE (disposable soft drink, juice, water bottles; resins can contain flame retardants; aseptic packaging); #2 HDPE (cloudy milk and water jugs); resins can contain flame retardants, #3 PVC (some soft beverage bottles contain PVC); #7 Polycarbonate (a plastic that contains BPA).

Warnings-Contaminated drinks from leaked BPA and other chemicals, carcinogens which can be stored in body fat for long periods of time, disruption of the endocrine system. 

Solution-Natural drinks stored in glass and filtered water.

Number 3-Bagels

You are probably asking how in the world bagels can be a problem?  Roundup (Monsanto’s herbicide which is widely used across the United States) has glyphosate is the culprit, along with genetically modified (GMO) foods like corn, canola, soy, dried legumes, grains, sorghum, and seeds.

Warnings-Affected gut health, celiac disease, and gluten intolerance.  In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, classified glyphosate as a “probable carcinogen.” 

What you can do-Pick only organic and non-GMO foods.

Photo source: Mike Mozart via Flickr

Number 4-Plastic Wrapped Cheese

Plastic leaks like those found in bottle drinks (BPA’s Etc.) into fatty, hot foods messing with the endocrine system.

Warnings include-Breast cancer, ADHD, and cognitive disorders.

How to avoid this one-Use glass for storage.

Number 5-Leftovers

The problem here is the packaging, mainly plastic or Styrofoam containers which contain PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) which are akin to Teflon.

Warnings-Neurotoxic chemicals and Teflon-, which stay inside of the environments and our bodies alike for the long-term.

What to do-Use only food grade butcher’s paper and glass.

Number 6-Spaghetti Sauce

This refers to spaghetti sauce from aluminum cans or that is cooked in non-stick and aluminum pans.

Warning-Acidic foods like spaghetti sauce are vulnerable to soak up chemicals that again will disrupt your endocrine system and perhaps worse aluminum accumulates in your brain with unbeknownst consequences as of yet.

Simple fix-Cook in glass, stainless steel, and baked enamel.

Number 7-Swordfish

The source of the problem with this one is Ocean Water believe it or not.  Most oceans contain neurotoxic mercury along with other toxic chemicals, and they find their way into the bodies of the fish we eat.  The rule is that the higher up on the food chain the toxicity of the fish will be higher.

Chemicals-Heavy metals and Mercury.

Warnings include-Immune and nervous system defects, heart problems, and digestive health disruption.


Number 8-Strawberries

Farms spraying pesticides are the bad guy for this delicious fruit.

Chemicals-Herbicides and pesticides.

Warnings-Carcinogenic and neurotoxicity.

Solution-Stay in the organic section here.

Number 9- Full-fat milk

Similar to swordfish the higher up animals on the food chain usually have higher levels of industrial chemicals in their fat stores. (Humans are the top of the food chain)

Chemicals-PBDEs (flame retardants), dioxin and DDT, PCBs (insulators and coolants).

Warnings include-Liver damage, cancer, birth defects, reproductive disorders and many more.

What to do-Use organic produce as much as possible, as well as legumes and grain-fed cow products, and a plant-based diet.

Number 10-Peeled Garlic Cloves (from China)

Products imported from China are usually highly contaminated with heavy metals and lead.  Even organic foods imported from China should at least be given a once over to test their integrity.

Warnings-Lead plays a factor in lowering a person’s I.Q., and heavy metals cause heart problems among other things.

Solution-Buy produce that is only grown in the U.S.A.

Nowadays keeping pollutants, pesticides, chemicals, and other unwanted toxins out of your body is nearly impossible, however diligence in this matter will get easier over time and possibly even become second nature, and in the end, your will be of better health mentally and physically at the end of the day.

Photo source: National Cancer Institute via Wikimedia Commons

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