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NASA Exploring Alien Oceans
등록일 : 2017-04-10 09:10 | 최종 승인 : 2017-04-10 09:10
Liza Tan

[메디컬리포트=Liza Tan 기자] This week, NASA is set to reveal discoveries that concern alien oceans within Earth's solar system according to space agency officials.

Photo Credit: NASA

NASA is set to hold a press conference on Thursday, which aims to "discuss new results about ocean worlds in our solar system," according to a news release.This will involve the Hubble Space Telescope and the Cassini spacecraft, which is currently orbiting Saturn.

"These new discoveries will help inform ocean world exploration—including NASA's upcoming Europa Clipper mission planned for launch in the 2020s—and the broader search for life beyond Earth," the release says.

The news conference will include a question-and-answer session hosting a panel of scientists all involved in the Hubble and Cassini missions.It also hosts directors of NASA's planetary exploration and science arms.

NASA officials wrote on social media, "Members of the public also can ask questions during the briefing using #AskNASA."

Cassini has been orbiting Saturn and making detailed observations since 2004.It focuses its observations primarily on the planet itself but also on its moons.The spacecraft is scheduled to conclude its mission on September 15, descending to Saturn's surface directly.

NASA revealed incredible new images of Jupiter last week, which were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.The telescope has been in orbit around Earth since 1990.

[메디컬리포트=Liza Tan 기자]

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