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Odd Weather Pattern Warms Ohio Winter
등록일 : 2017-02-11 08:00 | 최종 승인 : 2017-02-11 08:00
Michael Fox

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Like many other states and provinces in North America, Ohio is experiencing a bizarre winter in which temperatures are not only aberrant but also erratic.

Paul Wetzl is the chief meteorologist for WKBN, a local television broadcasting station in Ohio.He says the surface temperatures indicate Ohio is outside of its typical winter cycle.

Temperatures keep changing drastically in Ohio this winter, leading to weather that many have begun to call a weather roller coaster.Due to the erratic nature of the weather it can feel like spring one day and winter the next, which makes people take notice.

Betsy Rizzi from Boardman, Ohio says, "To me, it's been a very mild winter and I love snow.I'm wishing that we would get a foot of snow."

Many students are also, of course, hoping for snow days to get out of school, yet they are often sent to school anyway - and with light jackets to boot.

Nicole Cooke from Hanoverton, Ohio remarked, "We've actually only had two snow days out of the whole year so far," which is a remarkably warm winter for the northern state.

Many Ohio residents point to climate change as the culprit, but some local weather experts argue, instead, that Ohio's bizarre winter is more attributable to simply being positioned within a certain weather pattern, pointing to record-breaking heat from last Tuesday as an example. They claim that the low-pressure system over Illinois permits a warm front to keep shifting into Ohio.

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