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A Healthy Urine Color
Urine is a liquid that is excreted from the body through the urethra. It consists of nitrogen-rich by-products such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine, that should be removed from the bloodstream. The water-soluble chemicals found in urine originates from the kidneys, which would then flow through
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The Effects of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is defined by as a fat-soluble vitamin that can be found from sun exposure, certain foods, and dietary supplements. Vitamin D is essential for bone formation, bone health, and cell growth, and is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body. The effects of vitami
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Dancing Can Provide Physical and Mental Health Benefits to the Elderly
Physical exercise is important among older adults to keep their body fit and firm. One of many physical exercises that can be performed by the elderly is dancing. And according to a new study, older people who participate in dance hobbies tend to be physically fit and mentally healthy. Dancing Is
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Good Food For the Lungs
The lung is one of the body's major organ that comes in pairs and which is responsible for breathing. It is where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide happens and is one of the most important organs that is essential for life. What happens when the lungs are damaged?When the lungs become dama
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The Health Benefits of a Low Sodium Diet
Low sodium diet is a diet that is created to limit sodium intake to about 1,500 to 2,000 mg daily. Limiting sodium is almost impossible to do as most of our foods naturally contain sodium, however, by reducing salt and seasoning in preparing our food, as well as eliminating processed food from our
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New Drug Inhibits Genetic Cause of Some Rare Pediatric Cancer Types
Sometimes, a part of one gene can be attached to another gene, creating a hybrid gene that often leads to malignancy. In pediatrics, a fused gene is frequent among rare cancer types, such as infantile fibrosarcoma. Researchers who are studying pediatric cancer developed a new drug that inhibits tum
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The Efficacy of Angelica Gigas
Angelica gigas is an amazing medicinal herb known in East Asia as Dang Gui, female ginseng, or the Korean Angelica. The purple flowering plant from the family of parsley is a plant mainly found in Korea but which may also be found in Japan and China. It is used traditionally in Korean medicine as a
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Superbug Gonorrhea Resists Dual Therapy Antibiotics Used by Doctors
Gonorrhea is a communicable disease caused by bacteria that can be transmitted through copulation. The disease is one of many sexually transmitted infections that affect more than one million people worldwide. And one them in the United Kingdom caught a superbug strain of gonorrhea. Superbug Gonor
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Good Food For Diabetes
Diabetes is a kind of metabolic disease that causes the body to be unresponsive to insulin or have inadequate insulin production due to high blood glucose levels. When this happens your body becomes prone to several health problems such as vision loss, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and nerve
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Blood Test Using Biomarker Linked to Vitamin D May Diagnose People with Bipolar Disorder
The sudden shift between mania and depression is the hallmark symptom of bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder experience shifts in energy levels and moods randomly, which could endanger them, and an accurate diagnosis of the condition can potentially save their lives. As of now, a reliabl
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