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"Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan Dies, 82"
American astronaut Gene Cernan, commander of Apollo's last lunar landing mission in 1972 and the last man on the moon, died on Monday, January 16, 2017 at age 82.NASA confirmed on its social media channels and its website that Cernan died surrounded by his family.They did not state the cause of his
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"SpaceX Returns to Flight, Sticks Landing"
With a stirring return-to-flight mission involving a spacecraft landing at sea on a ship today, SpaceX launched 10 satellites into orbit. Falcon 9, SpaceX's two-stage rocket, launched from a pad a few hundred meters from the coast of California, carrying 10 communications satellites into low-Earth o
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Three Traits Signifying Species Predominance
A new study from the University of Arizona shows the primary traits that correlate with high species diversity: living on land, having a skeleton, and being a parasite.Biologists at the University of Arizona explained in their new study why certain animal groups differ so much in their number of spe
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The Impending Phenomenon of Thundersnow
Some are newly familiar with Thundersnow, especially in Britain where as much as 20 cm (eight inches) of snowfall is en route to be followed by the thundersnow phenomenon. Thunderstorms are typically associated with warmer months during the summer, but there exists the potential for their manifestat
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NASA: Health Risks of Space Travel
Research of the health risks involved in space travel is currently investigating the means by which to make long-term spaceflights safer for astronauts. Throughout the entirety of the 21st Century, mankind has sustained continuous occupation of outer space by way of the International Space Station (
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Environmentalists Get Ready to Combat Trump
As activists get ready to engage the Trump Administration on several fronts in the U.S., Donald Trump faces what is likely to be unprecedented opposition from American environmental groups. President Barack Obama, Trump's predecessor, butted heads with environmentalists over the Dakota Access and K
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NASA Announces Missions Exploring Origin Asteroids
NASA has announced two new missions of discovery attempting to investigate some mysterious asteroids on low-cost, planetary operations.NASA has targeted with its Discovery Program two projects dubbed Lucy and Psyche, and they fund concentrated space operations to various destinations in the solar sy
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SpaceX Confirms Tank Failure Destroyed Falcon 9
SpaceX now intends to continue launches with Falcon 9 spacecraft starting Jan. 8 following investigations of the pad explosion four months ago that demolished a different Falcon 9. SpaceX posted a statement on its website on Jan. 2, explaining that the explosion was the consequence of a helium tank
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