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Study Reveals Drinking Coffee Could Lead to a Longer Life
Photo by: Camlla Tamara via Flickr Experts have neen trying to establish that coffee plays an important role in our system.This comes in light of the fact that coffee is is one of the constant necceity for most adults.Every so often you would find them holding a white cup in their hands on their
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No Gym No Problem
  Photo source: Skeeze via Pixabay A gym is not needed for anyone to get in shape.  If you want to do it you can just about anytime and anywhere.  Physical trainer and bodybuilder Angela Lee says "If you're wanting to start a general fitness routine or if you're new to exercisin
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APA 2017 Stress in America Survey: How Your Constant Social Media Use Can Have an Impact on Your Mental Health
High levels of stress have been associated with the constant use of technology by the American Psychological Association in their Stress in America Survey 2017. Connectivity has become the center of people's lives since the innovation of mobile phones which was soon after followed by the launchin
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The Pitfalls of Weight Loss Strategies
In maintaining optimal health or losing weight, there are many common misconceptions that mislead people. Photo source: Alan Cleaver via Flickr It can be one's primary struggle in life to lose weight, and the struggle can become rather overwhelming when it seems like the results sim
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Measles Outbreak: Vaccinate Your Children
Eleven states across the U.S.are suffering measles outbreaks for the first time in years because some refuse to vaccinate their children or themselves. Though no one saw measles coming back with any significant force anytime soon, its onset in the U.S.if fierce right now.In Minnesota in particular,
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SachaColombia Making Colombia Better With Latest Superfood
  Finding the newest and most potent superfood is paramount to many involved in the health food industry.  A native Colombian plant sacha inchi is on its way up the charts for number one superfood. Sacha inchi is a fruit which is plump, bright green and star-shaped with anywhere from four
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Vitamin C And Antibiotics: A Recipe For Killing Cancer
Researchers from the Biomedical Research Center at the University of Salford, United Kingdom stated recently that a combination of Vitamin C and antibiotics could be the key to killing cancer stem cells.This new method could improve treatment resistance and reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence
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Spirent Strengthens Network Security For Interop Tokyo
Spirent Communications says it has strengthened network security at the site hosting Interop Tokyo, a leading global technology event June 7 to 9 at the Makuhari Messe convention center.     At Interop's request, Spirent provided a managed scan of the event network through Spirent's Securit
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