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Macrophages: The Potential Key for Tattoo Removal
  A tattoo is a form of individuality or self-expression among many people. With tattoo markings, people can display their sense of identity or convey a reminder or a memory they have been holding. Unhappy experiences or a career change can force people to have their tattoos removed and laser sur
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New 3D Writer Recreates Cancer Environment Using Polymer Materials
  Cancer became a deadly disease because of its ability to spread to other parts of the body. Once the cancer cells have spread, it becomes extremely difficult to treat, leading to the patient's untimely death. In order to learn more about cancer metastasis, a researcher at Purdue University
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New Guidelines for Depression to Include Yearly Screening for Teens
  Depression is becoming more common among teenagers around the world. Teenager depression has no single definitive cause, instead, several factors exist that increase the risk of developing the condition. About 20 percent of all teens suffer from depression by the time they reach adulthood. With
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Inverted Sit-ups Breaks Back, Paralyzes Woman
  All healthy living guidelines include physical exercise as one of the key elements of a strong and long life. However, in the quest for fitness, some people damage their bodies when they do exercises beyond their capability, or it can just be a pure accident. The Sun reported the case of 23-
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Hospitals Decry Insurance Giant's Denial of some ER Service Claims
  Unless the recent policy change of Anthem, an insurance giant in the US, is challenged in the court, more emergencies may be denied payment and the bill left in the hand of patients. The policy, although it will apply to six states, will be rolled out in all 14 states where Anthem has Blue Cros
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