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Preparing Your Skin for This Year’s Summer Season
  Summer is the perfect season for a beach vacation. But intense heat directed on unprotected skin can cause several problems, ranging from mild heat rash to severe ones like skin cancer. Know how to protect your skin from the most common skin problems during summer. Summer Skin Preparation
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How to Make Grilled Cheese Cake
  Grilled cheese is a popular comfort food that uses household food staples such as cheese, bread, and butter to make a melted and gooey tasty snack. It has been around since the 1900s and had been used to feed millions of hungry soldiers during World War I and World War II. Today, it is a favori
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Specific Antibody Can Help Clear Up Protein Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease
  Amyloid plaques are sticky clumps that can form in the brain and damage healthy cells. For many years, clinicians have tried to figure out how to remove the brain plaques that trigger Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at Washington University who are exploring the plaques discovered another AD p
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New Drug May Stop Breast and Lung Cancers Associated with Obesity
  Nearly 50 percent of a million new cancer cases have been associated with obesity. The overweight condition is found to be connected with certain types of cancer such as breast and lung cancers. According to a new study, a new drug can significantly reduce the growth of such cancer types by blo
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Use of Antibiotics May Increase Risk of Heart Disease among Older Women
  Antibiotics should only be taken when prescribed by a doctor to avoid infection from resistant bacteria. Antibiotics should only be used as directed by the prescribing doctor to reduce experiencing side effects. Sometimes, people overuse antibiotics, thus increasing the likelihood of resistance
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Reducing Calorie Intake May Help Slow Down Metabolism and Aging Process
  The World Health Organization observed in 2015 that the average lifespan of the global population is 71.4 years. That number of years can be reduced by several factors, such as diet, exercise, sleeping patterns, and lifestyle habits. According to a recent trial, manipulating the metabolism can
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School Performance in Children May Indicate Signs of Depression in Teenagers
  Nowadays, depression is becoming more common among teenagers due to various factors, such as family, school, and peers. But it is unclear if depression could be detected among preteens. Researchers from Cardiff University and Swansea University explored the possible relationship between academi
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Woman in Spain Dies after Undergoing Acupuncture with Live Bees
  For the first time in medical history, a female patient died after she underwent acupuncture with a live bee. BuzzFeed News reported that the 55-year-old woman in Madrid, Spain, had been going through acupuncture sessions using bees once a month for the past two years without any problems. T
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Making Diffuser a Part of Your Home
The air diffuser is now a growing essential inside the home which is said to be beneficial to your health, your energy, and your sleep. There are lots of air diffusers available in the markets such as humidifiers, air purifiers, air fresheners, and essential oils.   Air freshener for odor elim
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Specific Enzyme May Be Enhanced to Reverse Effects of Vascular Aging
  Vascular aging is a normal occurrence among older people, wherein the blood vessels lose their density, leading to decreased blood flow. Experts know very little about vascular aging but what they are sure about is that aging blood vessels can cause age-related illnesses such as high blood pres
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