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Microfluidic Device is New Key Toward Tailored Anti-Cancer Treatment
  Photo By science photo via Shutterstock Researchers at the Purdue University developed a new technology that simulates the chemical process and reaction of tumors to chemotherapy drugs.It is a possible tool for screening anticancer drugs before approving them for treatment."There are many differen
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Artificial pancreas device system found to ease diabetes treatment
Photo by: S K Chavan via Shutterstock In Medical Futurist's "The Most Exciting Medical Technologies of 2017," the article has listed down the 13 top technologies that are deemed with the biggest promise for this year.On top of this list is the ushering of "A new era in diabetes care," and it was mad
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Disease X Could Start the Next Epidemic
  Scientists are concerned about an epidemic that could hit Great Britain, which would kill millions of people. According to the Global Health Council, the epidemic is likely to come from the influenza virus family. The World Health Organization is also be expecting an epidemic after adding the n
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Children with Cats have More Mental Health Problems
    There are more cats that live in American homes than dogs, but at the 2017 conference of the International Society of Anthrozoology, 32 presentations reported results of studies on the bond between humans and dogs, but only four were devoted to cats. Psychology Today reported that t
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Setting A New Year's Resolution and Failing Impedes Ability to Make Change in the Future
  The start of a new year prompts many people to make resolutions. However, a lot of people fail to follow the New Year's resolution they made. This repeated failure impedes the ability to make changes in the future. Dr. Jo Ann Unger, from Clinical Psychology Manitoba, said in a broadcast with
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New Portable Device Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms in Opioid-Dependent Patients
Photo by stevepb via PixabayA new electronic device has been approved for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms in opioid-dependent people.The device is called NSS-2 Bridge approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.The approval was based on a study that involved 73 patients who experienced phys
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Oxygen Microbubbles May Increase Efficacy of Radiation Therapy
  Some abnormal masses of tissues do not have cysts or hollow cavities that contain liquid. These are solid tumors that can be benign or malignant which usually occur in the bones, muscles, and organs. Solid tumors have a unique trait which is having a natural resistance to both chemotherapy and
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Aum Cardiovascular gets US FDA's go-signal to sell Cadence, a handheld digital stethoscope
Photo by: Darko Stojanovic via PixabayThe US Food and Drug Administration approved the application of Aum Cardiovascular to sell Cadence, a handheld digital stethoscope.The monitoring system was manufactured by a startupcompany in Northfield.The device is paired remotely with an artificial intellige
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Superbug Gonorrhea Resists Dual Therapy Antibiotics Used by Doctors
  Gonorrhea is a communicable disease caused by bacteria that can be transmitted through copulation. The disease is one of many sexually transmitted infections that affect more than one million people worldwide. And one them in the United Kingdom caught a superbug strain of gonorrhea.    Su
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Bacteria in the Gut Can Trigger Autoimmune Disease
  Gut flora is a complex community of microorganisms including bacteria that reside in the digestive tract of animals and humans. These microorganisms play roles in digestion and inhibition of pathogens. However, if certain conditions are met, the microorganisms can become pathogenic to their hum
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