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Second Wave of Flu Attack Hits the US Led by Influenza B Strain
  The influenza A H3N2 virus of season 2017-2018 has claimed many lives, including children, in the United States. But just as people thought that it was over, another influenza type is beginning to whip up the second wave of illnesses in the country. And the culprit is the influenza B virus whic
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Health Analysis in Seven Minutes via New Photo Booth-Like Pods
  With so many diseases in a growing population, the demand for healthcare manpower rises exponentially. Many hospitals and clinics have shortages in doctors and nurses, while the cases of both curable and incurable diseases remain high. As an aid to medical staff and patients, a machine that res
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New VR Game Removes Children’s Fear of Needles in Hospital Setting
The standard method of obtaining blood samples requires a needle and a syringe. While most adults can endure the formidability of the procedure, children may experience anxiety due to the fear of pain with needles. In line with this, a game developer in Denmark developed a virtual reality game desig
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Positive Effects of Gaming Behavior Supported by Studies
  The World Health Organization is planning to include the term “gaming disorder” to its 2018 official list of diseases. But studies support the positive effects of gaming behavior, such as enhancing memory and thinking. Playing video games also enhances reaction time, mental flexibility, spatial
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The Glucosamine Effect: A Good Medicine for the Joints
  Glucosamine is a supplement that is essential for building cartilage to help improve problems in the joints. There are different variants of glucosamine supplements such as glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, and N-acetyl-glucosamine which produces different effects. Meanwhile, gluc
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How to Eat Fingerroot
  Fingerroot, also known as Chinese ginger, is a herb that is known for its many health benefits to the digestive system. It is closely related to turmeric and has been used in many dishes and beverages around the world.   What are the health benefits of fingerroot and how accurate is the e
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Tips on How to Achieve Moderate Exercise at the Office
  Physical activity is very important to keep the body healthy and strong. According to the American Heart Association, moderate exercise for 150 minutes or vigorous exercise for 75 minutes per week lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. However, adults who are swamped with work do not have
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Milwaukee Street Artists Get Gallery Space
From June 24 to August 5, the Frank Juarez Gallery will showcase the “Street Artists of Milwaukee” exhibition, which will feature the works of five Wisconsin artists. Each of these artists has talent and experience with street art, and the exhibition has been co-curated by Wallpapered City’s Stacey
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Smartphone App Detects Abnormal Heart Rhythm Using Unit’s Built-In Accelerometer
    Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition characterized by an irregular rhythm of the heart or arrhythmia. The said condition can lead to life-threatening health complications, such as heart failure and stroke. Unfortunately, there is no specific diagnostic tool that can detect AF. But rese
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Treatment for Barrett’s EsophagusIs Flossing Your Teeth Very Important to Good Oral Hygiene?
  Dental care is very important to everyone because certain diseases are linked to the health of the gums and teeth. Typically, people need to brush their teeth at least two times a day. The use of mouthwash is optional and should be done during times when people do not have to brush their teeth,
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